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European Tour 2014

June 16, 2014

What’s coming up?

We are about to embark on our 2014 UK/Europe Tour, with shows through several countries sharing their love for roots music in England, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands, Switzerland & Hungary.

A once in a life time opportunity

To have the opportunity to play at some of the biggest festivals UK/Europe is the dream of many bands and is truly a foundation of CSR vision to create conscious roots music and then go forth and perform to many cultures around the world and spread original NZ music.

How can you help?

The band would like to ask their fans and friends if they could help support their fundraising efforts towards the tour of the UK/Europe 2014, and offer a pledge that will go towards their costs, in exchange of several different CSR collector items: These are some of the costs involved. Our two children Kaea and Reiki cannot attend this tour because of the extra expenses involved, as well as their sporting, schooling and musical committments they have in NZ.